The cheapest escorts are here in Woodford Green


A lot of Woodford Green gents complain that they can’t afford to date woodford green escorts anymore, so you have to wonder who can afford to date them. Taking a quick look at escort prices, you will quickly notice that they are probably out of reach for many locals. Agencies seem to be able to charge what they want, and even half an hour is now out of reach for most Woodford Green gents. So, do local gents date the hot girls of Woodford Green, or do somebody else have the pleasure of their company. It really makes you wonder what is going on.


Steve used to date a lot of Woodford Green escorts, but can’t afford to anymore. The problem is he says that you are competing with foreigners. The foreigners who live here can afford to pay the rates and don’t have an issue with almost £500 per hour. To them, this is not expensive. However, to the local boys, it is really expensive. The fact is that most Woodford Green agencies can get away with charging these kind of prices as they are really big businesses. They don’t care about the local guy who lives around the corner anymore, they are just after the big money.


I used to date a lot of hot Woodford Green escorts, says Nick, but now I can’t afford to. As a matter of fact, I have just been shopping and all I heard was Russian voices. The Russians seem to be everywhere at the moment, and this is part of the reason we are seeing so many foreign escorts in Woodford Green. Many of these girls speak Russian and it is of major benefit to the Woodford Green agencies. The Russians pay a small fortune for everything they see. They just whip their credit cards out and spend, spend and spend some more, says Nick.


Personally, I blame the Japanese. They love dating Woodford Green escorts as well. I have worked in Tokyo so I know how expensive it is and to them the escort’s services here are cheap. They are happy to pay out tons of money for an hour with a hot girl. We even have Japanese geishas working in Woodford Green to keep them happy. I am sure it is a great experience for them, but for the locals it doesn’t work. Most guys here cannot match the income of the Japanese, and this is what upsets the system more than anything.


Woodford Green escorts services are some of the best in the world. However, they are also some of the most expensive. The only other services which are more expensive are actually the Japanese ones. It seems hard to believe but it is true. Lots of Japanese escorts, and Asian escorts, are now working here in Woodford Green. They are making a fantastic living offering services like Japanese massage to tourists, or local resident Japanese. It is true, Woodford Green is in more ways than one becoming a city only for the super-rich. Many locals wonder how it is all going to end.

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