My Sexy Saturday Encounter

It had been a rather hard working week at London escorts, and I felt that I needed to let my hair down. A girl I used to work with at a cheap London escorts service, asked me if I wanted to join her and a group of her friends in a Soho bar. I was so pleased that she had asked, I just needed to get out about and have some fun. The girls at the elite London escorts agency I work for are great, but sometimes I just want to party a little bit more they they do. Not all of us have worked for elite low cost escorts agencies in London throughout our careers.

Anyway, I met up with my friend and the rest of the girls from the cheap London escorts service. Before I got involved with London escorts, I used to work as a stripper in a club a couple of doors down so I knew that part of Soho pretty well. As I jumped out of the taxi, I thought that I even noticed a couple of familiar faces around, and it was a little bit like coming home. It felt good and I started to relax immediately.The rest of the girls were running a little bit late, so I ordered a drink and hung out at the bar. I could not believe it was five years since I had joined London escorts. Time had flown by and I could not imagine my life without working for London escort. It was a little bit like the stripper from next doors had grown up and become a swan.

One thing was for sure, my life had changed in leaps and bounds since the days I was a stripper in Soho. I had been sitting at the bar for about ten minutes when a man came up to me. There was something familiar about him, and he looked at me in that sort of way you look at somebody you know. I could not place his face, but I was sure that we had met before. As he came closer, I recognized him. He had a little bit of gray in his hair, but he was certainly one of the men I used to dance before my London escorts days. He asked if he could buy me a drink, and before I knew it, we were talking about “ the good old times”.

It took me a little while, but I did remember his name. His name was Eddie, and I also remembered he used to turn me on during when I treated him to a lap dance. My eyes must have glazed over at that point because he asked me what I was thinking about. I lent forward and whispered in his ear that I remembered dancing on his lap but missing out on a certain something. Should I forget about the night of with the girls from my old London escorts service? As soon as they came in, Eddie and myself made our excuses. I was keen to show Eddie my dancing moves once again, and see if he could remember what to do with those lovely hands of his… That is what you call a Saturday night treat.

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