My Body is my Temple

Since I joined London escorts, I seem to have picked up a lot of really kinky personal boyfriends. Some of them seem to think that I am sort of sudo porn star and would like to treat me like a real tart. Sure, I enjoy good sex as much as the next persona, but there are some of things I will not put up with. You may think that it is cool to tell your friend to come around and watch you fuck me up the ass, but that is our personal thing. I love anal sex, but it is between you and me. Most London escorts would tell you the same thing.

Neither am I your sex slave. You be surprised at the amount of men who think that you are some sort of sex slave just because you work for a London escorts service. Okay, I am indeed very broad minded but there is no way we are just going to do what you want. When I come off duty from London escorts I am normally as horny as hell, but that does not mean we are going to do it your way every night. It would be nice to make love in the each other, or perhaps just make love on the sofa once in awhile.

Going to swinging parties in London may be one of my hobbies when I am not too busy at London escorts, but please don’t tell you friends we are going. I know exactly what is going to happen. They want to come along and party with me as well. It is not okay, and what happens at swingers parties stays there. Sure, I like to have fun, but don’t try to sneak in your friends to watch your hot girl from escorts in London being fucked. That is not okay at all.

Do I like porno style sex? I do, and I am sure there are a lot of London escorts out there who enjoy it as well. But do we need to have a camera in the bedroom? I have seen it all, and I know that many London escorts have been caught out. They have ended up on various porn networks, and it is not good news for us. Did you know that I could lose my job if you start promoting a porn movie with me as the star? That is something that you don’t want to happen as I am not a very nice girl when I am angry.

If you would like to be the boyfriend to any girl from a London escorts service, I think that you should treat us with a bit of respect. We may have one of the sexiest jobs in London, but there is a lot more to working for London escorts. If you really want to know how you should treat your London escort, I am more than happy. Just treat her like a regular girlfriend and don’t tell your friends. I am not yours to brag about, or to tell you friends you are having really great sex for the first time in your life. Treat me with respect, and I will make sure we have a really good time together.

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