Lucy And Her London Escort

“Who said divorce should make you depressed, or feel unworthy or unwanted?” well, those are not my words but my friend’s Lucy.

Lucy was married to the love of her life. At least that is what she believed for a total of 12 years until their marriage hit the rocks. Lucy found out that her husband Joel was bisexual and was cheating on her with his best friend, Michael. Out of anger and frustration, Lucy thought the only way to deal with the situation was to divorce her estranged husband and try starting all over again.

Lucy decided to go for a vacation to London to clear her mind and have some real time to herself. At London, she came across an advert that was marketing sexual services that are offered by first class male adult escorts in London, and how to get the services. Lucy decided on a whim to call the site, and ordered a man to come to her hotel room. According to Lucy, it had been a long time since she had experienced an orgasm because Joel was not available, in more ways than one. That night she wanted to feel how she did when she was young and hot, and every man had his eyes on her. When the young man arrived, Lucy ordered the male escort to strip down and give her a lap dance.

The man did as ordered and after stripping down, Lucy almost fainted on seeing the size of his cock and his well-oiled, sexy body. He held her hand and sat her on a chair where he started to rub his big cock around her face as he teased her at the same time. Well, Lucy could not hold herself back; she was extremely horny. She touched the man’s cock and brought it to her lips, swallowing his manhood as he fucked her mouth. After a few minutes of this the escort picked her up and carried her to the bed where he began to undress her. Lucy loved the roughness and the strength from the masculine man, and she couldn’t help but giggle. He then whispered, “What do you want me to do to you?” Lucy softly replied, “Go down on me.” She loved every bit of it how the escort ran his tongue around her clit until she moaned with desire.

Lucy ordered the man to sit with is back against the headboard, and he did as he was told. She lowered herself on his throbbing cock, loving the feel of his hardness deep inside her. Lucy felt like she was on cloud nine; cock in her pussy and hands squeezing her nipples. She wished she had divorced earlier; this was her first time to experience such a beautiful sexual escape since before she married Joel. This escort from London knew how to make a woman feel special!

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