I never thought to fall in love with a London escort named, Karen.

Being in love is one of the most beautiful feeling in life, it gives us strength and hope to keep fighting every day. When you are in love you feel alive, and happy, it seems like everything will go into place. Love inspires person to become better, it gives them reasoned to try harder. Although, we may face trialled in life, it doesn’t stop us to reach our dreams and goals. It keeps us motivated to have a better future.


I did not expect that I would fall in love with someone I never thought I would have feelings with. When I met this London escort in https://charlotteaction.org, everything has change, my life becomes more exciting and colorful. These London escort woman is different from any others, she made me believe that lives is more beautiful when you have someone to help you through it. Having a lady in my life had changed me, I become more positive and her impact on me was big. Thanks to a London escort who gives me hope and happiness in life.


I was this stubborn man, all I want is to plan everything before I do something. I hate being commanded, nor following people. I own my life, and I believes that I am always ahead of anyone. I got trusted issues, perhaps because of my experiences in life. First when my father broke his promise to me, he told me he would never leave us, but he did. He traded us to his mistress and there is nothing more painfuller than it. It was also the time that my first love did break my heart, she cheated on me and becomes unfaithful. She changed me to someone who she thinks can afford anything she would ask.


Since then, I strive hard, and reach my goals. I knew that I am not happy even I already got everything in life. When I went to London, I book Karen, a London escort woman who never give up on me despite my bad treatment of her that day. When I see the London escort, I was mesmerized by her beauty, but I control myself not to fall with her tricks. London escort, Karen try her best to entertain me, but I ignore her. I just book a London escorts justa companion in the city. But I did not expect that booking London escort will go to the next level, we were so drunk that night, I feel so comfortable sharing my life with her. She comforted me as much as she can. She understands what I am going through. I extended my stay in London, it was my first time to feel an amazing feeling, a great one. I knew that I am starting to fall in love with a London escort named, Karen.

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