Finally I am married to a Kent escorts


If God asked me what I would want from now maybe I would say nothing, he just gave me the best gift I ever received, the woman that I love the most is finally my wife. This is a dream come true for me, we’ve been together for seven years and I am happy that we are finally together now as husband and wife. Seven years of in a relationship with Kent escorts from is just full of joy and love. I am happy that she is my girl, the best girlfriend in the world. I’ve been waiting for this day to come; she is the best gift on my life. She is the reason that my life has meaning; her presence to my life is everything I could ever ask for. The moment that I and Kent escort met I already have the feeling that she and I could be a perfect partner together. I save a lot for our wedding day; this is truly my goal for the past seven years of my life. Life is not the same without her; she brings joy and colour to my world. I thought I wouldn’t experience this happiness inside me at all, after all the broken relationships that I went through, I lost hope of meeting the right woman. I feel so blessed that I found someone like Kent escort, she is truly an amazing woman, and she is my life. There is nothing that can make me happy aside from her; she is just the most genuine person I know in my life.  I am happy that I found someone that never gives up on me at all. I am just happy to have a woman like her in my life as she gives me strength and hope. She knows what I have been through; it was really a long and hard drive to me. I almost got married to my ex-girlfriend; it was being for Kent escorts. We have been together for eight years, I love her very Mich. we are childhood friends and both of our parents are supportive to us. I trust her in everything I do in life; she is the most genuine person I know. But it was all gone when I found out something. She betrayed me, she told me that it’s my child that she is carrying but I was wrong. He cheated on me, his boyfriend came to me and tell me the truth which is also she confirmed to me. I was very devastated that time. And then I decided to fly to Kent to forget everything. I felt like that was the end of time for me and then I met this Kent escort who changed me. She helps me to move on from my past, because of her I save myself from falling apart. Thankful that Kent escort is there for me that is also not impossible to fall in love with her. We had a relationship and just last year I proposed to her. Our wedding is done last month, and still I can’t believe that Kent escort is my wife now

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